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ABOUT MiteGone®

MiteGone® evaporator pads were designed in 1994 by the beekeeper - for the meet Bill Ruzicka, Mitegone, Bee Mite Treatmentsbeekeeper. The pads have been successfully tested for six years in commercial use by local beekeepers in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Scientific evaluations were completed since the summer of 2000, and can be read by clicking here.

MiteGone® was designed as an organic honey bee mite treatment in temperate climates against the Varroa and Tracheal mite to delay the development of pesticide resistance by the Varroa mite. Now it is used twice a year as mites are resistant to all known pesticides and effectively control mites see: HOW WE GOT TO ZERO MITES

The beekeeper and developer, Bill Ruzicka, is a professional engineer who in 1980 became a bee breeder. He operated 500 hives for pollination and bee stock production in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Canada and produced 500 super nukes for Alberta each year. He is a keeper of "Vernon Bee Stock." His operations are highly mechanized and extremely organized reflecting his years as an aircraft engineer. His years in beekeeping is now shown on 95 minutes of VIDEO

Bill holds a patent for the biological control of Varroa using the fungus Hirsutella Thompsonii.

In search of a better method for treating varroa mites with formic acid, that was suitable for a commercial operation, he evaluated many existing methods of Bee Mite Treatments and compiled a set of principles for successful treatment. The formic acid treatment he developed is now used in Canada, USA, New Zealand, Argentina and Europe. Since 2002, thirty seminars have been held in New Zealand. Bill has held 50 seminars and has spoken in 4 states and in both national conventions in the USA. 20 seminars were held in Canada, 5 in Europe, and 7 in Argentina. These seminars are now available: ANYWHERE /ANY TIME through the VIDEO or POWERPOINT and PHONE QUESTION PERIOD.

About what bees we keep:

Bill's Honey Farm & the Vernon Stock Breeding Program

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