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Protecting bees against Varroa and Tracheal mites by prolong treatment which not only cleans your hives but prevents re-infestation in pollination and times of robbing:

  • Simple MiteGone Method and formic acid are qualified as organic treatment
  • No Resistance or Contamination
  • No Queen or Brood Losses
  • Not Weather Dependent
  • Works in Tropical Climates
  • Reduces, Nosema, chalk brood
  • Repels S.H.B. from hives
  • Cost of 2 treatments per year per hive
Regardless of what method, pesticide, or homemade potion you use all treatments in late September or October are too late! The damage to winter bees is already done and the colony may collapse.

In temperate climates of USA, Canada, Europe, and the Southern Hemisphere, treat the average hive twice a year with 65% formic acid and MiteGone dispenser pads. (For tropical, subtropical and specialty applications, see instructions)

Instructions: Do Not Unwrap the Pads! Pin 3 soaked 5”pads to the outside of the outermost comb, open end down, and put it in the hive in late August. Leave the pads in the hive until April. Refill or put 2 new pads into the hive in early April. Throw out the pads in late May.

Availability: The MiteGone™ Treatment for Varroa and Tracheal mites is Astonishingly Simple! You buy the formic acid locally. Buy the DRY KITS directly from MiteGone or DRYor FILLED from OUR AGENT.

Benefits & Side Effects: Following this method will get rid of Varroa and Tracheal mites carrying viruses, reduce Nosema and Chalkbrood, as well as the Lesser wax Moth. It will also help to increase the effectivity of screen bottom boards and will repel the small hive beetle from the hives.

Design: MiteGone™ evaporator pads were designed by the beekeeper – for the beekeeper, and have been successfully tested and used commercially since 1995 by beekeepers in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Since 2000, MiteGone has been available and tested worldwide. Use and experiences in Canada, USA, Europe, Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand have showed that: After 3 years of exclusive use in 500 hives we cannot find mites and that the method:

  1. Is one item that is inexpensive, simple, and easy to use in many ways. Available as a dry or pre-soaked pad.

  2. Is not weather dependant, but adjustable to internal humidity or local conditions. The product works as long as the bees do not cluster. The bees maintain steady internal temperature and humidity, thus maintaining the evaporation rate in the bee hive.

  3. Eliminates blast method overdose symptoms, queen losses, drone infertility, brood and hive mortality. MiteGone uses the continuous low dose release method which works on the principle of evaporating a miniscule but steady flow of formic acid fumes through the hive which is finally contained at the bottom board. This forces bees to ventilate through this pool of formic acid and deliver a low concentration of the formic acid's fumes to the brood chamber, knocking the mites off and killing them in the pool of heavily concentrated formic acid fumes on the bottom board. These methods do not cause overdose symptoms and are not weather dependent.

  4. Fits into the existing bee space between the frame and wall in the hive without any additional box, rim, or equipment. Heat and humidity is maintained by bees only between frames.

  5. Allows for variable dosage to treat colonies of different sizes including nukes by using 1-2-3-4 of 5" pads or by a simple cutting of the dispenser, thus varying the size and evaporating surface of the dispenser to allow a different dosage.

  6. Contains enough formic acid to allow for 21 or more days of treatment to treat low, medium, and high infestation levels.

  7. Eliminates measuring formic acid into a dispenser. The product soaks and holds the exact amount of formic acid automatically.

  8. Contains formic acid without dripping and evaporates formic acid at a constant rate on the principles of capillary tube and gravity.

  9. Is a one-visit treatment that does not require any specific time for removal or disposal. Remove it or REUSE pads when pads are dry the next time you work the hive.

  10. Is reusable/disposable for the commercial operator but allows for re-use by the penny-pincher without transferring diseases. Re-soaking in formic acid sterilizes the pads.

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The method we used also show you how to test for efficacy of treatment.

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