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  • Adi : Beekeeper, Licensed Instructor Beekeeping Workshops.
    CA/ ON/ South For Acid registration
    This gives up very effective control of both mites,
  • Reg : Bee Inspector- BC Ministry of Agriculture
    CA/BC/ Central OKANAGAN For Acid registration
    I have monitored MiteGone Pads by counting the mite drops on Bill Ruzicka's test boards for 8 or 9 yrs. With High efficacy in every yr.
  • James : Beekeeper for 30+ years. Bsc. In Chemistry. Organic Farmer
    CA/ON/South For Acid registration
    Use of MiteGone Pads since 2002 (both spring and fall) has resulted in 90% plus eradication
  • Lance: Bee Inspector Ė BC Ministry of Agriculture
    CA /BC/ East Kootenays For Acid registration
    I have been using this product (MiteGone) for over 8 years for the control of Varroa Jacobsoni.
  • Hans: PhD in physics
    CA/ ON/Toronto area For Acid registration
    I have used the MiteGone formic acid pads for nearly 10 years. I treat my bee colonies in the spring and in the fall.
  • R W (Bob) Chisholm BC: Commercial Apiarist; Graduate Bee master; 300 hives.
    CA/BC/ OKANAGAN central For Acid registration
    Formic acid applied with the Mitegone system does not appear to have any resistance issues that other products (e.g. Apistan) have.
  • Tim : Beekeeper 50 hives.
    CA/ BC/ Okanagan January. 2021
    Your video is quite good
  • Tom :
    USA/ SE Michigan June 2020
    Iíve been using your pads for the last three seasons here in SE Michigan, and they work just as advertisedÖ,
  • Chris : Almond pollinator 500 hives
    USA/ CA NORTH winter 2019
    Your treatment is labor intensive, but has excellent results and work well even in the worst conditions thatís why I came back should of never left.

    Just two treatments this year Iím happy about that, treated 5 times last year with different stuff and still had a 40% loss.

    Oh wanted to tell you too the formic works well on skunks too they will not bother them during the treatment I watch a family of skunks come in one night (waiting on a bear) they wanted to scratch and go to the entrances of the hives but the fumes kept them away I watched them go about 20 minutes they Finley left the yard.

  • Daria & Roland: Beekeepers 70 hives
    CA / BC North April 2018
    This year we had only 1-2% losses as opposed to loses in a previous year, when we had 60% losses! (we treated before with oxalic vapor)
  • Kent ; Beekeeper 52 hives.
    CA /AB / South west February 2018
    Varroa mites are simply of no concern to us when Mite Gone is used properly. It seems the solution is staring us in the face.

    After reading the article in the Bee Culture, January 2018, p. 88: Southeast U.S. Varroa Treatment Decisions, I felt like commenting a little on that. .

  • Jim ; Beekeeper managing 25 hives of his and 6 friends with mitegone.
    USA / NJ August 2017
    Bill next time I go to my property in Arizona and my daughter in San Diego Iím coming out to visit you and buy you a nice steak dinner thanks for all your wisdom.
  • Carol: beekeeper
    CA /BC / Okanagan August 2017
    Thanks Bill. I have enough pads for now but will likely buy a large box again in the spring.
  • Murray ; Commercial bee keeper 5000 hives
    CA /SK / Shellbrook, area August 2016
    I appreciate your approach to mite testing...I agree that it is essential to test at the same time each year
  • Phillip : Beekeeper August 2015
    EU / Greece. Mediterranean temperatures varying between 35-42 C
    It worked ,the results were more than satisfactory..
  • Yana and Mike Beekeepers
    Ca / BC / West Creston February 2015
    We are very happy with your bees and mitegone.
  • Rudi ; Beekeeper and supply. June 2014
    CA / BC / North
    I found it incredibly easy to use and very fast to treat all my hives.
  • Jim. 10 hives April 2013
    USA / NJ / Wantage
    I had zero losses. Bees are looking great.
  • Ivan : beekeeper 30 hives
    EU / Czech Republic May 2011
    April and August MiteGone treatment is fully comparable or more effective than Acrinathrin strips and Amitraz fumes.
  • The BEE-L mailing discussion. May 2011
    Mitegone has *not* been the subject of any such damage reports as far as we know,
  • Ernest ; African Beekeepers Ltd, April 2011
    In all my 15 years of working on bees I have never seen them so calm,
  • Bob; Commercial beekeeper
    USA/ KS / February 2011
    Bill has done a lot of experimentation and missionary work with formic on his own nickel and is not trying to corner the market with proprietary methods and lobbying the regulators AFAIK.


  • Wade. Almond pollinator.
    USA / April 2007
    We did experience unreasonable loss going into the almond pollination,
  • John ; Beekeeper May 2006
    USA / NC / seminar
    I have treated all my hives with MiteGone pads this spring. Went by the book and things look good so far,
  • John Gibeau, B.Sc., MBA, Bee Master
    CA / BC / Vancouver Feb. 2006,
    From now on, I will treat each spring and fall with MiteGone Formic Acid pads and forgo chemical applications
  • Rick; Bee keeper 23 hives
    USA / MI / Jan. 2006
    I have no dead hive at this time
  • Mervyn ; Beekeeper /Agent
    CA / ON / Havelock, Sep. 2005
    I used mitegone last fall in half my operation with a lose of 6 hives out of 400

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