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IF YOUR COUNTRY HAS NO AGENT / DISTRIBUTER: Order directly from MiteGone® in Canada. We may quote depending on location and transportation requirements.


How to Order:

Cost of Treatment: Find the cost of 1 litre of 85% acid and add it to the cost of 5 pads. After thinning to 65%, this will treat two hives with three 5" half pads in the fall and two in the spring. Divide by 2 for the cost per hive per year.

SHIPPING: All kits are made to fit individually in SMALL PACKET MAIL which is inexpensive but does not have trace Number. Air gets to you in 2-3 weeks, Ground 3-5 months. There is now a Trace NO option but the cost of it is $ 35.

REGULATIONS AND POLICIES: May differ from country to country But use is generally allowed. Europe has 50 years of experience with the use of formic acid and many different methods of applications. I have studied all these methods and have borrowed many good ideas, but the main problem was that no application method was suitable for commercial operations in Canada or USA.

EXPERIENCE: The product was tested in Spain and in the Canary Islands, Nigeria, Argentina, and New Zealand, with good results and is currently being tested in Czech Republic and Italy. If it works all over the World it will work in YOUR COUNTRY as well. The product has now been successfully used for 20 years. See Record of Testing and Scientific Evidence.

We are looking for distributors and licensees in all countries except those listed in the Sales Contact webpage. See Licensing Distribution webpage for details.

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